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Domain Maintenance and Construction – Company Values

Domain Maintenance and Construction, was founded by directors who shared the same core values and whom wanted to establish the business to display to our clients our commitment to deliver and uphold these standards.


Domain Maintenance and Construction is led by a recipient of The National Police Service Medal in recognition of his ethical and diligent service.

These traits infect DMC’s corporate structure, its employees and internal stake holders and govern how the company operates.

Our integrity is underpinned by consistency, transparency, respect and honesty – our staff and clients deserve nothing less. These characteristics develop substance and trust – DMC’s building blocks to forging good relationships with all its stakeholders.

We are committed to providing the highest degree of quality in our solutions and services to meet our customers’ expectations. We do this by listening, planning and then executing the plan to achieve the highest level of service possible.

Time used in identifying exceptionally skilled and passionate tradespeople who are totally dedicated to their work is never wasted. Investing in the best, coupled with a quality assurance standard produces superior outcomes which are still subject to a continuous improvement process.

Our mantra is that:

The Sweetness of High Quality Remains Long After Any Bitterness of Price is Forgotten.


Our leaders are visionaries who welcome the challenges with gusto, have a will to inspire, yearn to develop our people and encourage innovation.

Here at DMC we acknowledge that this style of leadership and open lines of communication augurs well in producing a dynamic team and we have these expectations.

Our achievements are the product of teamwork, the strength of which is measured by the standard of the jobs and the time by which they were completed.

Good Teamwork is critical to our operation and we see it as a powerful tool for effective management and the success of the company.

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