Underground Services Melbourne

Domain Maintenance and Construction’s Electrical Services can perform any underground electrical work you require.

If your next project requires digging or excavation, you will need a qualified and licensed electrician to help identify any underground assets and utilities.

Domain’s expert team can help identify the location of underground utilities and eliminate risk of personal injury.

These services ensure your new project remains compliant and does not cause any unnecessary headaches as a result of accidental damage or excavation.

We can also create underground service plans.

Our expert electricians can perform electrical repairs and maintenance from drawings, as well as assemble, install and test electrical systems and components of machinery and equipment.

Domain’s Emergency Hotline is also on hand should you require emergency assistance for a problem caused by unexpected or unidentified underground assets and utilities.

Don’t hesitate! If you have a new project in mind, make sure you give DMC a call on 1300 248 365.

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