Office Fit-Outs

Office Fit-Outs

So, you’ve secured your new office. Congratulations!

Now the hard work begins.

Every business is different, not just in terms of the services they might offer, but in terms of how they like to conduct business and the sorts of people they employ.

The best offices reflect the people that work within them and the culture the business hopes to promote and your office fit out can play a crucial role in shaping that feel.

Whether your office requires plenty of private rooms for staff, or a more open layout, Domain’s combined 50 years of experience in building has seen it all.

We know a new office or refurbishing an old office with a fit out is an exciting time for you and your business and we take pride in helping our clients turn their new four walls into an office their staff and clientele will be proud of.

Our modern finishes and expert carpenters make Domain your perfect builder for your office fit-out.

We blend design with functionality to ensure your new office fit-out looks great and allows your people to get the job done.

Domain’s office fit-out service includes:

  • Workspace layout
  • Reception layout
  • Office layout
  • Glass partitions
  • Customer joinery
  • Feature walls
  • Signage installation


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