Switchboard Upgrades

Melbourne Switchboard Upgrade Services

Switchboards are designed and used to keep homes and workplaces safe from electrical surges, but who keeps your switchboard safe? Upgrading your switchboard is a vital component of keeping your property safe and compliant. When you need qualified assistance with a switchboard upgrade in Melbourne, get in touch with the professionals at Domain Maintenance and Construction today.

Mains and Switchboard Installation

If you’re building a new home or replacing an old switchboard, make sure you speak to Domain’s electrical team to ensure your new switchboard is installed correctly and meets all the latest standards and requirements. A DMC switchboard upgrade specialist can ensure your residential or commercial property is safeguarded from untimely and costly electrical surges now and into the future.

Mains and Switchboard Installation

Some older switchboards, particularly old ceramic fuses, are no longer compliant. Domain Maintenance and Construction’s team of qualified electricians know all the ins and outs of switchboards, making us your perfect partner for switchboard installations, switchboard upgrades and switchboard maintenance.

If you’ve never had the switchboard on your property looked at, we definitely recommend giving our expert electricians a call. If your home has suffered from a surge or a power outage, you should also get your switchboard checked. Call DMC today about a switchboard upgrade in Melbourne and give yourself peace of mind!

Our electrical team will be able to provide an obligation-free inspection of your switchboard, giving you all the information you need before you take the next steps. Call us today on 1300 248 365.

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