Domain Bricklaying Services

No matter the size or type of your property, everyone needs bricks.

Domain Maintenance and Construction’s complete bricklaying service will take care of all your bricking needs for your next project.

Whether you need supplies, labour or both, DMC has you covered.

Our experienced Melbourne bricklayers have extensive expertise in building houses, basements, fences and more.

Best of all, our construction service means anything your project possibly needs is covered for, including scaffolding.

Housing these teams internally saves you time and money and means we can get on the job quicker and more efficiently than our competitors.

Domain handles new builds as well as emergency repairs.

Our emergency hotline means we are always on hand to help with any required clean-ups and insurance work should any unexpected damage occur to your property and its brickwork.

Our expert Melbourne bricklayers perform a wide range of bricklaying services, including:

  • Housing bricklaying
  • Basement bricklaying
  • Fence bricklaying
  • Retaining Walls
  • Brick repairs
  • Insurance work


Domain works with and can source a wide range of bricks, mortar and other masonry materials.

Whether your bricklaying needs are part of a new build, a one-off project or the result of an unforeseen emergency, call DMC today on 1300 248 365 to discuss your bricklaying needs.

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