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Domain Maintenance and Construction is your one-stop destination for everything from roof replacement to emergency roof leak repair. Even the best roofs can come undone in extreme weather events. When hail, high winds or heavy rain causes damage or leaking issues, your roof needs immediate attention.

Warning Signs that You Need an Emergency Roofer ASAP

Notable red flags for you to look out for during storm events may include:

  • Leaking ceiling
  • Water dripping through light fittings
  • Dripping noises heard inside the property
  • Animals nesting in roofline
  • Missing/damaged roof tiles
  • Roofing materials found on the ground or in your yard

If you suspect any of the above, call Domain Maintenance and Construction today for a free quote on urgent roof repairs.

Reasons You Might Require Urgent Roof Repairs in Melbourne

Roof leaks can be caused for many reasons, including:

  • Broken roof tile
  • Cracked roof tile
  • Displaced roof tile
  • Broken water course
  • Deteriorated bedding and pointing
  • Broken mortar
  • Buildup of debris in gutters
  • Buildup of debris in valleys
  • Blocked downpipes flashing inadequate
  • Deteriorated or broken seal in silicone
  • Capillary action
  • Rusted roof
  • Inundation due to poorly designed roof drainage system or just not complying with building code

Our emergency roofing service hotline means our qualified emergency roofers are always on call to get to your property and assist when you need us most.

Assisting with Temporary and Permanent Repairs

If our staff are unable to perform a permanent roofing repair upon the initial visit due to inclement weather, unsafe conditions or any other reason, we will make the roof safe by way of a temporary repair to ensure damages are limited and losses are prevented.

If a permanent repair is required and agreed upon, our staff will communicate with you in a timely manner and schedule the works. Our qualified staff can also provide you with a quotation for permanent repairs if required.

Don’t rely purely on a handyman to repair your roof. Roofing is a specialised field governed by the Victorian Building Authority for a good reason.

If you suspect your roof requires repairs, or a recent event has caused serious damage to your roof and you need roof replacement in Melbourne, make sure you call DMC today to get a qualified emergency roofer on the job. Call us today on 1300 248 365.

Metal Roof Repairs

Here at Domain Maintenance and Construction, we deal with all metal roof repairs and can also assist with metal roof restoration in Melbourne.

Our qualified roofers have vast experience in:

  • Domestic metal roof repairs (pitched and flat)
  • Commercial metal roof repairs (pitched and flat)
  • Industrial metal roof repairs (pitched and flat)
  • Colorbond roof repairs
  • Zincalume roof repairs
  • Galvanised roof repars
  • Pitched roof repairs
  • Flat roof repairs
  • Curved roof repairs

Metal roofing has become increasingly popular in recent years, so there’s an abundance of properties that will no doubt require our services for repairs in the future. You can rest assured we use only quality components and products to ensure your roof looks as good as new once repaired.

DMC’s qualified and licensed emergency roofers will ensure every aspect of your metal roof repair is done to the highest level of quality, and your peace of mind is guaranteed when we issue you with a Certificate of Compliance (this is a legal requirement in Victoria for works valued at $750 or more).

Tile Roof Repairs

Domain Maintenance and Construction is your perfect partner for all tiled roof repairs.

DMC’s roofers can help you with:

  • Domestic tile roof repairs
  • Commercial tile roof repairs
  • Terracotta tile roof repairs
  • Concrete tile roof repairs
  • Shingle tile roof repairs
  • Decramastic/ Decrabond imitation tile roof repairs

All roofs repaired permanently by us are quality guaranteed, so you can be sure your roof will be looking perfect once we complete your repairs.

Slate Roof Repairs

Slate roofs are designed to stand up to even the roughest of conditions, but even the best roof tiles can come undone from time to time. When you need emergency roof leak repair for slate tiles, give our professionals a call.

Older slate tiles on roofs can become brittle over time, especially when in close proximity to marine influences. This can sometimes be identified by calcification (white chalky/flaking material) on the underside of the slates inside the roof cavity.

If your slate roof is leaking, or tiles have been moved as a result of high winds or other extreme weather, it’s important you call DMC straight away. Our experienced Melbourne roofers are on hand to help with all your slate roof repairs. All of DMC’s slate roofers are highly trained professionals, so your roof will be looking perfect once we complete your repairs.

Call us now on 1300 248 365 to request a quote or make a booking for our emergency roofing services.

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