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Your garden is every bit as your property’s façade when it comes to creating a first impression.

Whether your home, office or investment, a great garden sets up everything else inside.

Domain Maintenance and Construction’s gardening service is just what you need to keep your grass green, your hedges trimmed and your plants in tip top shape.

We cater for all your gardening needs, from installations to clean-ups and ongoing maintenance.

Whatever you need to get your garden looking good and ensuring it stays that way.


Domain handles all types of garden installations.

Water features, lawns or outdoor lighting, you name it. Domain can install it for you.

If your starting from scratch, this service is perfect to get your garden up and running.


The basis of any blooming garden is a sustainable and constant source of water.

Domain can design and install an easy-to-use irrigation system for your garden.

Domain’s irrigation systems ensure wide coverage of water for your garden.

We can install automatic timers, use water from your water tanks and whatever else your system needs to keep the water flowing and your garden looking great.

Garden Clean-up

Even if you’re not starting from scratch, Domain’s garden clean-up service is perfect to get your garden back on track.

Let Domain take the backbreaking work of cleaning your garden away.

Domain’s gardeners will weed, take out dead plants, clean up your hedges, mow your lawns and whatever else it takes to get your garden looking good as new once again.

Garden Care

Once you’ve got your garden looking great, make sure you keep it that way.

Domain’s garden care service keeps gardens across Melbourne looking good all year around.

Your garden will never miss much-needed mulching, pruning, fertilising, hedging or mowing ever again thanks to our proactive garden care arrangements.

Our care packages also include weed spraying, slashing and more.


Domain’s construction background means we do a lot more for gardens than just clean and mow lawns.

Our landscaping service enables you to create the garden of your dreams.

We help you design and bring to life outdoor spaces that open up endless possibilities for you, your family or your clients.

From domestic gardens to wide open public or commercial spaces, we take great pride in bringing your outdoor vision to life.


The lawn is the lifeblood of almost every garden.

Even the most meticulously maintained garden beds and plants can be let down by a brown or overgrown lawn.

Let Domain take the stress out of maintaining your lawn with our garden maintenance service.

We will mow your lawn, trim the edges and ensure it is well watered and fertilise to ensure a lovely coverage, all year round.

Tree Services

DMC handles the removal and de-stumping of troublesome trees.

Sometimes, trees outgrow their surroundings, leaving dangerous roots that form tripping hazards, or simply take too much water from surrounding plants.

When this happens, it might be time to consider removing the tree.

Domain’s tree services will get rid of the tree and remove any pesky stumps and roots, leaving a blank canvas for something new.

Green Waste Removal

As part of many of our gardening services, Domain removes all green waste from your site.

Of course, if you fancy yourself as a bit of a green thumb and want to do the work yourself, then you can always call on Domain to help you remove whatever waste is left behind!

Our green waste removal service will responsibly take care of any green waste left behind as a result of your gardening.

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