Indoor and Outdoor Lighting in Melbourne

Let there be light!

Never underestimate the power of good lighting in your home. Nor should you dismiss the value of high-quality outdoor lighting either! Whether you’re sick of working in poor light in your existing home or you’re planning lighting for a new property, business or renovation, Domain Maintenance and Construction can help you get all the indoor and outdoor lighting in Melbourne that you need.

We understand that every property is different. In fact, every room is different. Some are flooded with natural light, while others need a bit of glow during certain times of the day. DMC’s experienced and qualified Melbourne electricians are ready to help you with all your lighting from products and positioning to wiring and installation. Once you go ahead, our speedy team will be on the job as soon as you need them and ensure you have all the indoor and outdoor lighting you need. We can also handle c-bus automation.

Indoor Lighting

Whether you’re building a brand new home or office or refreshing an existing one, deciding how to light your property can be a confusing affair. DMC can arrange two-way light switching and dimmers to make your indoor lighting solution as convenient and pleasant as possible for all the family.

Offices generally require brighter lighting to ensure employees can get their work done in comfort, while you may want your home to be wired for mood lighting or cinema rooms where dimmers or other lighting features may be more appropriate. We can help you with product selection, planning the positioning of globes and other lighting features all the way through to installation and maintenance.

Don’t waste your valuable time thinking about the near-endless possibilities. Our experienced electricians are across all the latest products and have access to a wide range of products to ensure we can find the right solution for you. All you need to do is call DMC on 1300 248 365 or use our online enquiries form to book an obligation-free quote.

Outdoor Lighting in Melbourne

DMC can help you light up even the darkest of outdoor spaces with stylish and secure outdoor lighting in a range of designs to suit your decor and the design of the yard itself. Melbourne’s long, hot summer nights are perfect for entertaining, so don’t waste your valuable outdoor space with poor lighting. We can help you use every square inch of your property!

Get in touch with DMC today to learn more about how you can illuminate your front and back yards with outdoor lighting that ensures no one is left in the dark. Whether you need feature lighting, pathway lighting, or even pool lights, DMC can help you find a solution and get it installed and up and running quick!

Call DMC today on 1300 248 365 or use our online enquires form to book an obligation-free consultation today regarding outdoor lighting in Melbourne.

Exit and Emergency Lighting

Exit and emergency lighting has become non-negotiable in most new builds. If your latest project is commercial in nature, or a multi-storey development, you simply need to have high-quality exit and emergency lighting. This lighting helps building occupants and employees to a clear path of egress in the event of an emergency at the property and helps everyone safely evacuate the building when required.

DMC is on hand to ensure your property complies with all these requirements thanks to our exit and emergency lighting service. If you’re unsure what regulations may apply to your building, our experienced and qualified electricians can come out and show you where such lighting needs to go. If it’s been a while since your exit and emergency lighting was looked at, then our service can also ensure your lighting is nice and bright for all to see all year around.

Don’t hesitate. Call DMC today on 1300 248 365 to organise a free quote for your property’s exit and emergency lighting in Melbourne.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Control Systems

Lighting does not always have to be bright. Sometimes, you might want to set the mood with some dimmers. Or maybe the kids just need the hallway lights dulled a little so they can get to sleep. Whatever your lighting needs, DMC can help ensure you get the lighting you need when you need it.

From traditional dial dimmers to the most modern lighting control systems, DMC’s experienced and licensed electricians can help you to get the job done for both indoor and outdoor lighting systems. Through product or system selection to installation and testing, DMC will have your lighting control system up and running in no time.

Call DMC today on 1300 248 365 or use our online enquiries form to request an obligation-free quote.

Security Lighting

Lighting can be one of your biggest allies when it comes to security. DMC can help wire your property with all the latest security cameras and motion lighting to ensure your property is always lit-up when it needs to be.

From flood lights to indoor and outdoor LED security lighting systems, DMC can wire your pathways, entrances and backyards to light up whenever someone is moving around.

Call DMC today on 1300 248 365 or request an obligation-free quote today using our online enquires form.

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