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If your property has been damaged by an insurable event, then your insurers are going to be very picky with who completes any required repairs as part of a claim.

An insurable event could be damage from fire, extreme weather or break ins.

Just like you, your insurance company wants to make sure they’re getting value for money and a quality fix that meets building standards to ensure the repairs are long-lasting and unlikely to require any further works in the foreseeable future.

Domain Maintenance and Construction is a preferred builder of some of Australia’s biggest insurance companies.

We specialise in rebuilding and reinstating properties.

As a licensed and registered builder, all of our works are guaranteed and covered under our own insurance.

Builders are required to purchase Domestic Builder Insurance (D.B.I.) on behalf of the homeowner for all domestic building projects over $16,000.

Besides being a stringent legal requirement, working with a builder who has the relevant insurance offers several advantages:

  • D.B.I. covers the client if, before work is complete, the practitioner is deceased, is declared insolvent or disappears.
  • It covers costs up to $300,000 to fix structural defects for six years, and non-structural defects for two years.
  • In all other cases, it is up to the building practitioner to fix or complete works, or to pay any costs awarded.

All of DMC’s builders, electricians, plumbers and other staff have vast experience working on insurance jobs, meaning we know what documentation is required and how to ensure we play our part in getting your claim approved and completed as efficiently as possible.

That means peace of mind for your insurer and peace of mind for you.

If you would like to know more, please call DMC on 1300 248 365.

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