Waste and Sewerage

Melbourne Sewerage and Waste Plumbing Services

Seeping sewerage is more than just a nuisance, it can prove a real health hazard.

If you have noticed unexplained wet patches in the back yard, or a foul smell emanating from somewhere on your property, you could very well have a sewerage problem.

Domain Maintenance and Construction knows how serious these issues can be, which is why are committed to helping any customer reporting potential sewerage problems with immediate response and relief.

If you have any doubts, make sure you call DMC.

Domain’s Emergency Hotline is available around the clock at all times of the week, ensuring we can get started on finding the problem and fixing it.

Often, seeping sewerage can be caused by only a small section of pipe.

Our qualified and experienced plumbers are capable of auditing your entire plumbing system to find the root of the problem and ensure our solution is a long-term one.

Our inspections require minimum invasion, however if excavation is required, our drainage experts are more than capable of handling the job, meaning you won’t have to look for someone else to handle your problem.

Domain’s Plumbing service caters for the following:

  • Drain repair and unblocking
  • Replacement of parts or system
  • Sewer unblocking
  • Clearing blockages
  • Spot repair
  • Relocations


If you suspect sewerage seepage, leakage or blockage, don’t hesitate.

Call DMC today on 1300 248 365.

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