Roof Upgrades

Melbourne Roof Upgrades

‘What is a roof upgrade?’ I hear you ask.  Well let us try to explain.

A roof upgrade may mean that your existing roof is reasonably new but requires some modifications to ensure it performs exactly how it was designed to.

You may have an incorrect profile of roof sheeting for the pitch (angle) of your structure which is causing ponding/ leaking issues.

Another scenario is that you may have inadequate flashings covering the roofing materials causing leaks in heavy rains or a lack of downpipes resulting in your gutters overflowing.

Whatever the case may be and however large the issue, we have seen it and fixed it in the past.

Domain Maintenance and Construction’s roofing team brings a vast amount of experience and quality to the procedure and can help you from the planning stage right through the execution of your upgrade.

All of DMC’s roof upgrades can include all relevant upgrades of surrounding infrastructure, including extra downpipes, tile ventilators, updates to ceiling insulation and overflow outlets.

If you’re interested in any type of roofing upgrade, call DMC today on 1300 248 365.


Drainage Upgrades

Drainage may not be the most fun part about being a property owner, but every now and then it pays to think about how water leaves your property.

There have been significant advancements in residential and commercial drainage systems, meaning there are now even better ways to keep water out of your property.

Domain Maintenance and Construction’s roofing team are across all the latest innovations in drainage and can come to your property, home or office to audit your drainage system.

We take great pride in auditing and designing the perfect drainage system to suit your property, it’s roof type, as well as taking into account how rain is likely to affect your property.

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