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Wiring New Homes

Building a new home is one of the most exciting new undertakings in your life.

It can also be one of the most stressful.

Partner with a qualified and licensed team of electricians and give yourself one less thing to think about.

Domain Maintenance and Construction’s expert electricians are across all the modern technologies and know how important your new home’s electrical infrastructure is to the performance of your property.

These days, homes are entertainment hubs. Everyone in the house will enjoy watching television, streaming movies and music and much more.

Make sure your new property can keep up with the demand!

Our wiring service can help to ensure your home has enough TV points, Foxtel points, data points, WiFi boosting, speaker cables and device control to keep the whole family (and all your guests) entertained for countless days and nights.

Our expert wiring service is perfect for those building new homes themselves, or commercial builders with plenty of new projects on the go.

Our electrical team is big enough and mobile enough to be where you need us, when you need us.

If you have a new build ready to go or one in planning, call DMC today to discuss all your wiring needs.

Call us today on 1300 248 365.

Rewiring Existing Homes

With changing times come changing technologies and changing laws.

Ensuring your property – whether your home or investment – keeps up with the modern trends and is up to code means making sure your property is ready for all the latest technology and safe.

To get the most out of your property, you might want to consider rewiring your home or at the very least an inspection to see that it’s safe and up to building code standard and conforming with the new regulations.

Whether you are looking to convert one of your rooms into a home theatre, update your home’s lighting or reconfiguring your existing home for smart technology, DMC’s expert electricians can help.

Call DMC today for a free quote on 1300 248 365.

Wiring Extensions

If you are extending your home, it’s important you know what electrical requirements the new part of your property will require and ensure it can keep up with all the demands of modern technology.

DMC’s licenses electricians are always available to chat to you about your planned extensions and provide a quote for all your electrical needs.

Call DMC today to learn more about how we can help you prepare for your new extension on 1300 248 365.

Wiring Renovations

Renovations often mean updating, and if you are updating you want to make sure you tick all the boxes.

Modern technology is changing at a break neck speed, so before you commit to your renovation, it’s always worth talking to one of DMC’s licensed electricians to see what’s possible for your new home.

Our experienced and reputable electricians have all the tools and know-how to ensure your next renovation keeps up to date with all the latest technological trends.

Renovating is a great chance to ensure your property’s electrical infrastructure is as up-to-date as possible.

So if you’re thinking of renovating, or have already committed to a renovation, give DMC a call today on 1300 248 365.

Data Cabling

These days, your property needs to be wired for more than just lights and appliances.

Data cabling is essential to the modern day household.

DMC’s licensed electricians are up to speed (pardon the pun) with all the latest technologies and can show you how to wire your house for the fastest possible speeds.

Having an NBN-ready property means nothing if your data cabling does not allow for the quickest possible speeds.

In the era of online television and gaming, anything less than the best can lead to incredibly frustrating buffer times.

No one likes to buffer, so give DMC a call today.

We are happy to audit your existing data cabling and provide recommendations to include the speed and quality of your connections, as well as quoting for completely new builds or renovations.

Our expertise includes network design and set-up, with your end use in mind to ensure you are set-up to get the speeds you pay for from your Internet Service Provider.

So don’t hesitate, call DMC today on 1300 248 365 to get started on your data cabling project today.

Phone Points

While reliance on the traditional home phone may have lessened in the modern day with the rise of the mobile phone, it’s always handy to have a healthy number of phone points around the house.

Of course, most modern offices still rely heavily on complicated phone system and require plenty of phone points.

Whatever your requirements, DMC can help to ensure your property is stocked with all the phone points you need to go about your business.

Whether your just need one for you home modem or several for your office set-up, DMC can get it done.

Call DMC today on 1300 248 365 or use our online enquires form to organise an obligation-free consultation today.

TV Outlets

These days, television is everywhere.

Even if it’s not your style to have a TV in the bedroom, when it comes time to sell, a prospective buyer might be turned off by the thought of having to install their own outlets after settlement.

Make sure your home is up to the demands of modern living and talk to DMC about installing new TV Outlets throughout your home.

DMC can come and perform quick and efficient TV Outlet installation.

Just call us on 1300 248 365 or use our online enquiry form to organise an obligation free quote today.

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