Audio and Video Intercom Systems

Melbourne Audio and Video Intercom Systems

Never be surprised when you open the door again!

An audio and video intercom system is the best way to see who is at the door before you get there.

Domain Maintenance and Construction’s qualified electrical technicians are on hand to install all types of audio and video intercom system.

A video intercom system is a great way to improve your home or business’ security.

Most systems on the market today can even record and store footage captured when your doorbell is rung, ensuring you have a visual log of who has been to your property.

These systems can also be a great deterrent for would-be criminals.

Of course, if you are leaning towards an audio-only intercom system, DMC can help you with those as well.

Our licensed electrical technicians are capable of installing both wired and wireless intercom systems.

If you are unsure as to which system will best suit your needs, then you can always enquire with DMC.

From product selection and set-up all the way to installation, DMC will walk you through the whole process with confidence and ease.

To arrange an obligation-free consultation, call DMC on 1300 248 365 or request a call-back via our online forms!

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